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Could Canada host a World Cup?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – As the World Cup wraps up in Brazil this weekend, it’s worth asking if we could host a tournament here in Canada.

From building new stadiums to upgrading existing facilities, there would be a lot of work needed to host the world’s game here, according to Vancouver Whitecaps president and local soccer legend Bob Lenarduzzi.

There are other issues too, Canadian Football League stadiums would need to be used and that could be a major hurdle.

“We could convert some of the CFL stadiums, but then you’ve got the CFL to deal with,” Lenarduzzi says. “Are they going to say, ‘yeah, yeah, take over our stadium for six weeks while we’re in the middle of a CFL season.’?”

The Canadian Soccer Association has publicly stated it plans to bid for the 2026 World Cup, and of course next year our country is hosting the women’s edition of the tournament.

Lenarduzzi says if it did go ahead, there would need to be massive financial commitment from all levels of government and from the private sector.

“Is it fantasy? It’s dreaming, but we should all dream,” says Lenarduzzi. “If we could accommodate all the needs to host a World Cup, then bring it on.”