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Vancouver independent video stores turn to crowdfunding to stay open

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – For many of us, the days of heading down to the video store to pick up a flick or two have long passed, but one local chain is still trying to make a go of it.

Vancouver’s Black Dog Video has launched a crowdfunding effort to stay open.

Owner Darren Gay says the goal of the Indiegogo effort is to raise $25,000 in the next six weeks for its Cambie Street and Commercial Drive stores.

He insists this is a one-time-only ask, as the funds will be used to help diversify Black Dog’s business model. “But we want to keep it movie-related instead of selling, you know, cigarettes or something.”

As for the skeptics out there, Gay insists Black Dog provides a service you just can’t find online.

“Most of the films that Netflix and downloading sites [have] can’t even come close to the selection and just the depth of quality that we have at the video store,” he argues.

“Obviously we’re facing tough competition from the ease of downloading and stuff but we still figure we have something to offer with our great collection and amazing customer service that you just can’t get online,” he adds.

Black Dog Video has been in business for over 18 years.