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Tips to calm your nerves if recent events have you feeling anxious about flying

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – With three plane crashes in less than a week, there are a lot of nervous flyers these days. We’re looking at how you can deal with your anxiety if you’re heading to the airport.

Fear of flying is one of the more common worries, and recent events haven’t been helping.

Alyson Jones is a clinical therapist. She says it helps to manage your breathing and visualize your destination.

“When intrusive thoughts come in, put a stop sign right there; imagine a stop sign and replace it with a positive image,” she tells us.

What doesn’t help is hitting the bar.

“Stats show us that people use alcohol because they think it’s going to calm them in some matter. It actually increases their level of agitation. Pounding a few drinks before you go — or even a bunch of coffee — those are not good ideas,” explains Jones.

She also suggests bringing something to do on the flight, like a book or game, to keep your mind occupied until you land.

If all else fails, look at the numbers: Statistics show you would have to fly every day for the next 55,000 years before being involved in a fatal crash.