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British Columbians are not too optimistic: poll

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Do you think things will be looking up in 2015? Chances are… no.

A new poll finds people in BC are among the least optimistic in the country when it comes to standard of living.

The Angus Reid poll, which asks “A year from now, do you think your standard of living will be better or worse than now?” shows only 16 per cent of British Columbians feel things will improve.

Twenty-seven per cent think things will get worse in 2015, a little above the national average of 25 per cent.

Optimism has actually been slipping over the past three years. The fact BC — and Vancouver, in particular — has the most expensive real estate market in the country is a big stress factor.

The poll finds people aged 19 to 34 are the most optimistic. Those 55 and up are the least.

Only people in the Atlantic province had a more bleak outlook than West Coasters.