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Large computer graphics convention coming to Vancouver

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The largest convention ever held in Vancouver takes over downtown this week.

16,000 people from more than 60 countries are here for SIGGRAPH, which brings together the world’s best in computer design, gaming and web programming.

Claire Smith with the Vancouver Convention Centre says this is the second time SIGGRAPH has come here, cementing Vancouver’s reputation as a high-tech centre

“They have spent a lot of their years in California, again another centre of innovation but this allowed them to come outside the United States for the first time and hold a meeting in Canada and attract a bit of new audience and put a bit of an international flavour into the meeting.

Smith says the five day event brings in over $39 million dollars to the city.

“So that is really the money that each delegate spends on hotels, on food, on taxis, on their purchases within the city of Vancouver while they are here for the event,” Smith adds the attendees are also likely to come back as tourists, “when people come and experience a destination for a business reason, they may not have a chance or the time to be able take advantage of all the city has to offer, so we see a high percentage of delegates wanting to return.”

She says huge events like this only cement Vancouver’s reputation as a technology centre in North America, and offers local artists and designers a chance to showcase their own work to a global audience.