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Many moms and dads face parental peer pressure when back-to-school shopping: poll

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Peer pressure doesn’t just affect our kids. A lot of parents are pressured into buying the very best for their sons and daughters before classes are back in session.

More than three quarters of Canadians asked in a recent poll believe back-to-school has become increasingly expensive and staying on budget can be tough.

“You always think kids [feel peer pressure], but we found over half of Canadians — 58 per cent — admit that adult peer pressure influences their back to school spending. It’s wanting to keep up with the Jones’,” says Christy Rabil with RetailMeNot.ca.

She notes it’s important for parents to try to stay on budget.

“Kids want tablets… all these things to go back to school. Their peers are getting them and the parents are feeling that pressure. But… create a budget and stick to it. And maybe you’ll have money left over.”

Rabil tells us kids are wanting more and more tech toys these days. The survey also finds if kids are after a laptop, they should go to dad, because he’s more likely to cave.

The majority of Canadians polled planned to spend over $200 before kids are back in class, but 12 per cent will actually fork over more than $400.