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Will it be the Evergreen Line or the Millennium Line?

COQUITLAM (NEWS1130) – It’s been known as the Evergreen Line pretty well since the SkyTrain extension project was conceived.

But it may not be named Evergreen when it’s open.

A recent TransLink document refers to the new line as the Millennium Line.

“I thought it was ridiculous,” recalls Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart when he came across the document.

He says it’s a little late for a name switch.

“There are private-sector investors that are building businesses around the Evergreen Line and naming them after the line. It’s really awkward for us now to hear TransLink changing its mind on the name.”

He points out another SkyTrain naming exercise had plenty of opportunity for input.

“We went through a lot of effort in consulting with TransLink during the naming of the stations of this line. That’s why it’s so surprising that they wouldn’t consult with us if they’re considering renaming the line itself.”

While TransLink says it has no plans to change the Evergreen Line name, it is still trying to figure out how to integrate it into the existing Millennium Line.