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Canada Post won't reconsider policy of doctor note to continue home delivery

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Canada Post is not rethinking its policy to have doctors write notes for patients who claim they need their mail to continue being delivered to their homes.

This is despite concerns raised by physicians and by the Canadian Medical Association.

Jon Hamilton with Canada Post says the Crown corporation has spoken and continues to speak with the CMA. He tells us the vast majority of cases won’t require a note from a doctor.

“If it does, there are a number of healthcare professionals beyond physicians that can sign the document,” he explains, noting it’s not GPs who can sign one. Physical therapists and ophthalmologists are among other doctors who can provide you such a note.

Hamilton adds Canada Post has a team of people working with each customer to find solutions. “We have key aids that help make it easier to turn the key in the lock, extra keys to give to a caregiver or someone you trust who can help you out on a regular basis.”

He says when someone has few options, Canada Post would consider clearing out mail from the box once a week and delivering to that person’s door.

Canada Post is phasing out home delivery service over the next five years, in favour of community mailboxes.