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Memory limits for Internet could cause issues

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The Internet is filling up and traffic is now exceeding the memory capacity of older routers, that means website access for some sites could be shut down and browsing speed could be slowed if the issue isn’t addressed.

British Ebay customers have already experienced problems when users were prevented from logging on.

SFU Computer Science Professor Jian Pei says it’s an easy fix, but the scope of the problem can be expensive for companies who need to replace all of their computer hardware.”The major challenge is that there are so many places that uses the existing equipment and replacing all of them creates a [big] financial impact.”

“This is also very similar to the 2000 Y2K problem years ago exactly when people design the software and did not expect the software [would be] used for so many years,” Pei explains.

Pei says service providers should be upgrading their hardware to avoid problems and companies like network equipment maker Cisco Systems have been urging customers to do just that for months.