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Did you see it? Reports of a bright meteor in Metro Vancouver last night

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Lots of people were wondering what they saw around parts of BC last night.

If you happened to be outside around 10:15 p.m., you may have seen it. Calls came in to the newsroom, reporting what appeared to be a big, bright meteor fly-by.

“The base of it was a big ball… like a comet — white, though. White flames with a tail on it,” said one man.

“My first instinct was a firework. You could hear something. My second instinct was… a huge roman candle that somebody must have set off from one of the apartment buildings heading into Downtown Vancouver,” another caller described.

“Super-bright! Green and blue. A big streak was on it. Me and my friend were like, ‘What was that!?'” said another.

People also took to Twitter to report the sighting.





Among the calls we received, people reported seeing it in Vancouver, Maple Ridge, and Surrey. If you have a photo, please tweet us @News1130Radio.