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Union leaders prepare for rallies in support of teachers

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – BC’s union leaders are using this Labour Day to prepare for a week of battles against the provincial government with rallies planned in support of striking teachers.

The word has gone out through social media accounts of various union leaders asking members to protest outside Education Minister Peter Fassbender‘s Surrey office Tuesday and Christy Clark‘s office on Wednesday afternoon.

It comes as frustration and finger pointing grows on both sides.

“All the teachers, school board, whatever – I won’t see eye to eye with them if they think 25 students is too many to teach in a classroom,” says one News1130 listener.

“There’s just too many entities pointing fingers. I don’t even know who is who at this point,” adds another.

“I blame the government 100 per cent. They are using tactics that are bullying and they need to come to the table,” says one man.

“The Socreds would have had this dispute settled even before the school year ended for summer ,” explains another caller.

If there is any consensus on Twitter – it’s disappointment that a deal has not been reached and there won’t be school tomorrow.