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Don't walk so close to me and pick up your poop!

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – We are a forgiving bunch when it comes to following rules and regulations — unless scofflaws are inconsiderate, thoughtless louts with no thought about the consequences to others!

A survey from Insights West in today’s Vancouver Sun finds some pretty dramatic differences in our response to people flouting the rules.

Poop is at the top of the list with 94 per cent of British Columbians considering failing to pick up your dog’s business a reprehensible act, followed closely by talking on a cellphone (92 per cent) while driving and illegally parking in a handicap spot (90 per cent).

Lawbreakers we more willingly accept? Potsmokers, who are upsetting to only 41 per cent of respondents, and anyone who downloads copyrighted materials (31per cent).

It’s pretty much an even split (52 per cent) when it comes to the evil of watering outside restricted hours, though maybe it’s just jealousy over your neighbours lush, green lawn.