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Demand for Canucks tickets is way down: broker

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – We’re a week away from the beginning of the Vancouver Canucks’ training camp, but apparently there is no demand for tickets.

A local ticket broker says business is way down.

Compared to the same time last year, Kingsley Bailey with Vancouver Ticket says he has seen a drop of about 40 per cent and the only thing saving him right now is demand for tickets for the Seattle Seahawks.

Earlier this week, the team said ticket prices would not be reduced.

“Right now there is no demand for Vancouver Canucks tickets,” says Bailey.

“If they want to drop prices, they can. But if they don’t feel they have to and the demand is there — that’s their call. But as far as what I know — and I’m on the front lines when it comes to dealing with Vancouver Canucks tickets — the demand is definitely lower and if they really want to get an increase in fans, even the average fan that wants to go to the odd game, they’re going to have to lower prices.”

Bailey adds any tickets people are buying are in the upper bowl — meaning they are the cheapest tickets. He doesn’t think fans will be lining up for tickets for a while, until the so-called ‘rebuild’ is done.

“For the last couple of years, we have been taking hits and we’ve adjusted accordingly. We definitely don’t see demand for tickets for the Vancouver Canucks for two to three years — minimum.”

The Canucks open the regular season on the road in Calgary on October 8th.