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How will the ongoing teacher dispute play into the next provincial election?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) –  University of the Fraser Valley political science professor Hamish Telford says if the BC Liberals want to keep voters on their side they need to come through on more campaign promises than simply balancing the budget.

“Christy Clark in particular I think raised hopes of all British Columbian’s with her promise of new development in the resource sector, particularly LNG and there has to be some evidence that these things are actually materializing and not just a pipe-dream.”

It is not just the teachers strike, but also increases in hydro rates, MSP premiums and possibly ICBC hikes that could hurt the party.

Telford says individually those probably wouldn’t influence voters, but combined it might be a different story. “These things start to add up, such that people have a generalized sense of dissatisfaction with the government in the sense that it is time for a change assuming that the alternative seems for palatable then the incumbent.”

Telford says if the NDP want a chance in the next election they need to present themselves as that viable alternative over the next couple of years while at the same time reminding voters of issues like increased rates and premiums.