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Could the education dispute head into the third week of September?

*This story was originally posted with inaccurate numbers, but has been updated. We apologize for any confusion.

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – With no word of a deal, or even talks, the teachers’ strike looks like it will be heading into a third week.

One of the issues at the heart of the dispute is a wage increase. According to the province, the BCTF is asking for an 11.2 per cent pay hike over five years to bring them closer to what their peers make in other provinces. For its part, the government says it’s offering 7.0 per cent over six years.

However, the teachers’ union maintains the two sides are only one per cent apart.

When comparing how much BC teachers make compared to those in other provinces, they continually come out ranked amongst the lowest paid.

For those with the least amount of education and experience (Category 5 – minimum salary), BC teachers get paid the second lowest amount in Canada at just over $47,539.

An equivalent in the profession in Alberta pulls in the highest pay, making $61,333, a difference of close to $14,000.

And when it comes to the wages for the most educated and experienced teachers, those in BC still come in ranked towards the bottom. With an annual pay of $81,561, teachers in our province are earning the third lowest in this bracket (Category 6 – maximum salary), only out earning their counterparts in PEI and Québec.

Once again, Alberta teachers top the list in this category with a salary at $99,004, with Ontario second at $93,747.

This analysis of pay is only done for provinces; numbers and rankings do not include territories.