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Body recovered from a landslide at Wreck Beach

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Police aren’t sure if anyone else was caught in a landslide on Wreck Beach after recovering a body there.

The man’s body was discovered yesterday afternoon; it was pulled out this morning. RCMP Staff Sergeant Drew Granger so far, they don’t think the death is suspicious.

“This male was likely camping on this sandy bluff, which is known to be in a constant state of unsteadiness. We believe a significant amount of sand may have collapsed on this individual, likely while sleeping on the cliff face,” he explains.

He notes every time it rains, the area becomes a concern.

“We had a significant landslide there last November. And every time we have heavy rain, it tends to get even more unstable. So it’s a very precarious place right now and we urge citizens to stay away from the area at all cost.”

Police haven’t identified the man yet. Granger says he may have been buried for up to a week before he was discovered.

He notes they’re not sure how long it will take to shore up the area.