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Federal fees hurt competitiveness of Canadian airports: BC Chamber of Commerce

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The BC Chamber of Commerce wants to see the federal government look at fees charged to airports in Canada.

It argues the fees are driving people to airports across the border, causing the ones here to lose their competitiveness.

Airports in the US are used to attract business and tourism, but here in Canada, airports are treated as cash cows, according to Chamber CEO, John Winter.

He says travellers are starting to bypass Canada for airports near the US border in larger numbers. “This is driven largely by the incredible amount of costs that are attached to airline tickets in Canada — tickets that are not very competitive with the US.”

He adds landing fees are another factor.

“When bi-laterals are discussed with governments around the world — Canada and some foreign countries — we don’t compete very well because we have these considerably higher landing fees,” he maintains.

The Chamber is calling on the feds to bring in changes that would make our country’s airports more cost-competitive. A resolution is set to be brought forward at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM this weekend.