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Legacy bus launched in memory of little girl killed by drunk driver

DELTA (NEWS1130) – More than six years after the death of a little girl in Ladner, a legacy project has been launched.

“Alexa’s Bus” will help keep drunk drivers off the road, all in the name of Alexa Middelaer who died because of an impaired driver in the spring of 2008.

Alexa’s mother Laurel Middelaer is thanking the efforts of many, including kids, who today, would have been Alexa’s grade 6 classmates. “Small, wee little hands brought me twoonies and loonies from birthday parties, from lemonade stands, from allowances… Young girls worked tirelessly making beaded bracelets one summer, and brought all their contributions to me with pride.”

She says today is the day they have all been waiting for. “The idea has morphed from a tiny sketch on a piece of paper, coupled with research and examples from Australia and Washington State, to what you see here today.”

Alexa’s purple bus is a $300,000 unit to help police screen and even detain drunk drivers.

The four-year-old was killed while feeding horses with her aunt along 64th street in Delta.

Alexa’s story inspired changes in BC, and her legacy also includes the Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) program, enacted in 2010 to get tougher on drinking and driving. Following the implementation of the IRP, there have been 52 per cent fewer deaths in the three years since it was launched, according to the province.

Carole Berner was convicted in Alexa’s death.