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Vision Vancouver pledges leadership against Kinder Morgan

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Vision Vancouver is making its position on Kinder Morgan very clear.

The party has released its environmental platform “A Greener City” and says leadership against the company building pipelines here will be a top priority.

He says it’s unacceptable the NPA has remained silent of important issues such as pipelines.

“We’re emphasizing the Kinder Morgan question because the NPA is still out to lunch on this. Forty days out from an election and they’re refusing to say anything on a proposal that puts Vancouver at such risk.”

Robertson says this is the difference between Vision and the NPA.

“We have been very clear on our positions. When I first announced I was running for mayor in February of 2008, one of my four goals was to make Vancouver the greenest city by 2020 which is consistant with fighting against oil tanker expansion in our harbour.”

He says the NPA is AWOL. “We haven’t heard any basic commitments on issues like the environment, affordable housing, transit. These are key issues facing Vancouver.”

Robertson says Vision Vancouver’s platform is a nine-point plan.

“We are including a number of points on transit, greenest city initiatives that we’re going to move forward, active transportation, zero waste.”

Part of the plan includes Vision’s pledge to strongly support the TransLink Mayor’s Council 10-year plan in the referendum held in 2015.