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Singer Bif Naked begins living off of $21 worth of food a week

VANCOUVER – (NEWS1130) Bif Naked is among a handful of participants in Metro Vancouver who are vowing to spend only $3 a day on food, to mirror the reality for people on welfare.

The challenge is Raise the Rate‘s third annual food challenge, which brings awareness to the general public on how impractical living a healthy lifestyle on welfare is.

“I understand, nutritionally, this may not be adequate for anyone, not even me.” the singer said. “So it’s going to be an interesting week, that’s for sure.”

The participants met at Woodward’s building in Gastown to speak about the experiences and show the selection select participants bought with their $21 food budget.

BC’s welfare income is $610 monthly. After costs such as transit tickets, rent, utilities, and cell phone bills, there is only $84 left for food. Raise the Rate made a point of noting how much it can cost a person in transit and cell phone bills to simply look for work, which is collectively $46 a month.

Bif Naked says this challenge is creating important dialogue about welfare, and getting people to think about how much they’re spending on their groceries.