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Canada Post stops door-to-door delivery in parts of Canada

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – People in BC are being given no indication by Canada Post when proposed changes to mail delivery will affect them.

As of today, door-to-door mail service will no longer be provided in parts of Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Ontario and community mailboxes will be used instead.

Tim Armstrong with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers says they aren’t being kept in the loop as to when some communities in BC will see door delivery converted to community mailboxes.

“We don’t have that information, what they are doing is slowly introducing it to the union and to the public as they move forward.” he explains. “They are not informing Canadians at all. They haven’t had consultation with Canadians; this has been a big problem.”

He adds this is only the first phase of a five-year plan. “The first wave of their elimination of door-to-door service is going to affect about 100,00 homes approximately. Their ultimate goal is to eliminate door-to-door delivery to five million homes in Canada.”

The decision by Canada Post was announced last December as a way to save money.

The changes come into effect on the same day Canada Post mailed out toy trucks to the media with colourful advertising flyers praising service.