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International student enrolment on the rise in Vancouver: VSB

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – International student enrolment is up in Vancouver, even though the education dispute delayed the start of the school year.

This year, 1,467 students came to the city through the international student program at a cost of $13,000 per student to attend classes. That number is up from 1,358 full-time students for the 2013/14 school year and 1,212 students for the 2012/13 year.

Mike Lombardi with the Vancouver School Board says the program is in place in all of the secondary schools and many of the elementary schools in the city.

“We’ve got the largest international educational program in Canada. This year the projected numbers were close to 1,500 and we’ve pretty well hit that mark. So, even though we had the job action, we only lost 26 of our students so the program is proceeding.”

“We’ve got kids in every one of our 18 secondary schools and some of our elementary schools and everybody seems to be focused and getting on with things,” he explains. “We’ve got a waiting list of people who want to come to our schools, we have a world class reputation.”

He adds international students brought in just under $20 million for the district this year.