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Would online voting boost turnout in BC's civic election?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Ontario voters will be able to cast a ballot online in their upcoming municipal election. But would that boost voter turnout in BC?

A local political science professor is skeptical.

“I’m not convinced that online voting is the solution to low voter turnout,” says Hamish Telford with the University of the Fraser Valley.

Voter turnout in BC’s last municipal election¬† in 2011 was under 30 per cent.

“People who were going to vote anyway take the opportunity to vote online. It doesn’t necessarily attract otherwise non-voters to start voting,” argues Telford.

But he admits there are benefits for some voters.

“The BC election commission has looked at it. What they did find is… online voting is intended to be used by older voters, particularly those with disabilities or mobility issues,” he explains.