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Bif Naked finishes Welfare Food Challenge

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Last Thursday, Bif Naked announced the beginning of her week-long challenge to eat just $3 worth of food a day, which adds up to $21 for the week. The purpose of the challenge is to reflect the reality for those on welfare, who only have $84 a month after paying rent and other necessities.

Today, she and other participants joined in conversation at the BC Teacher’s Federation building. Bif Naked says the biggest lesson she learned this week was “the polarizing commentary on poverty.”

“There’s misconceptions surrounding poverty in British Columbia. People are very defensive of their own tax bracket, of their own life style. Fair enough,” the singer says. “It’s not about trying to shame people into helping those that are less fortunate than them, it’s how to encourage everyone to help uplift those in our community who need a hand.”

She encourages others who are moved by the Welfare Food Challenge to consider the voices of people living in poverty when voting in the next election.

“Exercise your right to vote, and we really can make a difference. We live in a democratic society, we live in a beautiful province, and people shouldn’t be starving here, people shouldn’t be struggling.

UBC student Samantha Truong says it was hard to keep up with her friends and have an active social life on just $21 for food. Her school work was also affected, as she found herself so hungry that she couldn’t focus.

The participants in the challenge unanimously agreed the diet of $21 a week on food isn’t suitable to feel healthy and satisfied.