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Ottawa gunman was angry about not getting passport, had drug problems: shelter mates

OTTAWA (NEWS1130) – Those familiar with the Parliament Hill gunman in his final days say he was angry about failing to get a passport and struggled with drug addiction.

Norman LeBlanc, a 60-year-old former truck driver who frequents the downtown Ottawa shelter where Michael Zehaf Bibeau was bunking, says he so angered some of the men at the facility that there was almost a fight in recent days.

LeBlanc says Zehaf Bibeau ranted at length about how much he hated Canada, and was furious about having failed to get a passport in order to leave.

He says the griping almost prompted some of other men at the mission to take Zehaf Bibeau outside and beat him up.

Others at the mission say that following the shooting Wednesday, police descended upon the shelter and removed a duffel bag from Zehaf Bibeau’s locker that was so heavy it required two men to haul it outside.

Zehaf Bibeau, who told people he had come to Ottawa from Vancouver to secure a passport, often prayed with two Somali men in the shelter in an east-facing window in accordance with the Muslim faith.