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More $40-a-day cheques for parents on the way: finance minister

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Next week, more of you will be getting your $40 a day cheques being issued by the province as a result of the three-week long teachers strike.

There have been some glitches reported with the system but Finance Minister Mike de Jong says that’s expected.

He adds despite that the government has mailed out at least 165,000 cheques.  “On any undertaking involving almost a quarter million families where there has been a registration process, they’re going to run into the odd problem but we’ll work through it.”

Some people won’t get their cheques until the end of this month and de Jong explains the delay.  “So, there is a verification process parents agree to when they registered for the payment and out of respect for the taxpayer we want to make sure we’re following through on that.”

One mother told News1130 she felt she was overpaid.  Her daughter was the eligible age of 12 when the strike began on September 2nd, but had a birthday two days later and the family still got the $520 payment.  The ministry says that’s not a mistake.

“Full marks and a thanks to the honesty of that parent who questioned whether she was entitled to the money.  The fact is, she is.  The criteria was for students under the age of 13 at the time the labour disruption began, so by that measure, her child was qualified.”

De Jong says 97 per cent of eligible families signed up for the payment but cheques will likely be mailed out for several months because parents have until January 31st, 2015 to register for the payments.