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Is Black Friday becoming a bigger shopping day than Boxing Day in Canada?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s a familiar scene ahead of the holidays: line-ups around the block, made up of hoards of shoppers waiting for the doors to open.

But could that be happening a little earlier this year?

It seems Black Friday, on the heels of US Thanksgiving, could eclipse Boxing Day as our biggest shopping day of the year.

“Just about 60 per cent of Vancouverites plan to outdo their holiday shopping compared to [last year],” says Tyler Orton with Business in Vancouver.

That spending is likely to happen in three weeks on Black Friday.

He says we’re primed for the biggest Black Friday yet here in Vancouver, maybe even more than the rest of the country.

“If you take a look at the rest of Canada, our spending trends are much higher here in Vancouver. With all these retailers really wanting to make a big push here in Vancouver, we’re going to see a lot more shopping within city limits.”

Those retailers are trying to give US stores a run for their money.

“A lot of the Canadians are going down to the States to shop so the Canadian retailers are saying ‘Hey, why don’t we capitalize on that — do our own Black Friday sales, even though it’s not a big tradition here in Canada?'” says Orton.

He even expects those deals here in Vancouver will compete with online retailers, some of which will start offering same-day delivery.