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Advance voting up 98 per cent in Vancouver

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Ninety-eight per cent more people have voted early in Vancouver’s election this time compared to last.

Political Scientist Max Cameron says there are three reasons behind the turnout. One is that it’s easier to vote this time around, another is he feels parties are trying to get their volunteers out early so that they’ll be freed up to help on Saturday. Cameron also says it’s a tight race and when people are happy with the incumbent they often just stay home and don’t vote.

“I think what happens is when it looks like the incumbent is about to be voted out or if people are angry then they are more likely to turnout. That drives the turnout and makes it more likely that there will be change,” he explains. “The last election was not a very close one at all, this one really is a close election so I suspect we’ll get a bump in turnout. I don’t think it will go up to the rates we’ve seen in Toronto or Montreal where you have a whole other level of issues or problems.”

A total of 38,556 ballots were cast in Vancouver, a 98 per cent increase over advance voting during the 2011 election with a total of 19,484 ballots cast.

Surrey saw an 84 per cent increase.

Meanwhile more than 1000 names from Vancouver’s Musqueam band were left off the advance voter list.

The city is confident the integrity of the election is still intact and the problem has been fixed. It says everyone will be able to vote on Saturday.