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Can municipal politicians grab any last-minute votes ahead of tomorrow's election?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Municipal politicians will be busy today, trying to convince you to cast a ballot in tomorrow’s civic election. But is there anything they can do to grab last-minute votes?

As the clock ticks down, it’s not so much about swaying voter opinion as it is about encouraging people to get out to the polls, says UBC political scientist Richard Johnston. He says that means rallying the team.

“There tends to be a flurry of appearances,” he explains. “But in many ways, the point of the flurry of appearances isn’t so much to sway anyone — although, if that can happen, that’s great — as to make appearances that dramatize to people who are working for you that they’ve got to get out there… it’s encouraging the troops.”

“If they have any history that the party knows about — they probably have had the question ‘Can we count on your support?’ That goes into the bank. If the indication is the person leans in your direction but needs further encouragement, then they’ll be getting further phone calls,” adds Johnston.

Most politicians will make a number of public appearances but Johnston says that’s more about optics and doesn’t have much pull one way or the other.

News1130 will have special election coverage tomorrow, starting 7 p.m., anchored by Jim Bennie. Our team of reporters will be stationed all over the Lower Mainland to bring you results.