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Civic election attracts increased number of voters

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Enthusiasm during this year’s municipal election is being proved by voter turnout.

UBC political scientist Max Cameron says Surrey saw a 35 per cent turnout and Vancouver saw 44 per cent.

He says that’s roughly a 10 per cent increase for both cities, compared to the last election.

“Sometimes a negative campaign can suppress your adversaries and mobilize your base. would have expected that logic was at work. On the other hand, a lot of the voters who vote when there is higher turnout are voters who are maybe less informed and less interested, but something has their attention,” he explains.

Cameron says people are also more inclined to vote when it appears a race is tight.

“If people do think that change is coming or they want change or they think it’s a close election and they’re not sure which way it’s going to go, that motivates people to vote. It also creates controversy that gets people talking.”