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NPA plans to fulfill election promise to reverse cetacean breeding ban

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Vision Vancouver may have hung on to the mayor’s chair and council, but the park board was a much different story.

The NPA plans to use its newfound majority to fulfill a key campaign promise. It says it fully intends to reverse the cetacean breeding ban at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Commissioner John Coupar admits it’s one of a number of agenda items on his list.

“We’ve got four years and we’re certainly going to be working hard from Day One. But there is a lot of things to be done and our staff are pretty taxed as it is,” he tells us.

But he notes a reversal of the breeding ban won’t happen right away.

“There is a legal challenge before us, so we’ll certainly need to be briefed and up to speed and know all about that and certainly meet with our professional staff and have some discussions. It will take some time to get to that point for sure.”

Back in August, the Vancouver Aquarium filed a legal challenge against the Vision-dominated Park Board’s attempt to stop the breeding of whales and dolphins in captivity.

The NPA doubled its Park Board representation on Saturday, going from two seats to four, while Vision was reduced from five seats down to one.