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Award-winning humorist touring Lower Mainland teaching life balance

KELOWNA (NEWS1130) – Is your life so busy that you often feel like you’re running around in circles?

An award-winning humorist may be able to help you find some balance in your life.

Kelowna’s Linda Edgecombe has a new book out called “Breaking Busy: Finding the Peace in Chaos” and she says we wear our busy lifestyles like a badge of honour and that’s not healthy.

You can hear her thought-provoking messages about life and its journey at two different Women of Worth speaking engagements in the Lower Mainland. Linda has always been a busy woman and like many other women she has a family, career and other interests that keep her hopping, but it was not until she finally got off the treadmill that she understood the true need to do things that she has a real passion for.

Some of the breakthrough came during Linda’s solo journey along The Camino de Santiago in northwestern Spain which many take up as a form of spiritual path or retreat.

Linda will tell you that it’s a ‘long path’ where she had a ‘long time’ to consider what was important to her. Although she did not have an epiphany, she does have some very funny and real insights to share with about this trip. She’ll also talk about her recent book and how she interviewed over 4,000 people and found that most aren’t making changes for five reasons: fear, no time, over-thinking, money issues and relationship issues.

She will show you how to shift your perception of “busy” and focus on what truly makes you happy. Linda also has a strong need to do for others and that is a big part of what makes her so special, so expect her to share the story of her charity IWEN which is also supported by the Women of Worth.

Linda and her husband Kevin have been the driving force behind the charity that supports the emancipation, education and empowerment of girls in Nepal, rescuing them from slavery and providing educational scholarships and micro-financing for sustainable change.