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Operation Red Nose in need of volunteers

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – They get you and your car home safe when you’ve had a few too many at the Christmas party, or you’re simply too tired to drive.
The designated driving service Operation Red Nose is getting ready to kick off its season next week but they could certainly use your help.

“The more volunteers we have the more rides we can give, the safer our roads are,” says Chris Wilson, the provincial spokesperson for Operation Red Nose.

He says the recent elections may have something to do with lower volunteer numbers so far.

“We tend to get a lot of support from some of the key leaders in out community, they were very involved in the elections. So, now that the elections are over I think we’ll get those people back on board and anybody else who got involved in the past who was involved in those political campaigns.”

He says people are a lot more aware that drinking and driving is socially unacceptable these days.

“When the province changed the drinking and driving rules and made them a lot tougher that also had an impact on people and they started making sure that used either cabs or didn’t drink or used designated driving services like Operation Red Nose.”

Wilson says in his area, the Tri-Cities, New Westminster and Burnaby, the by donation service gave around a thousand rides last year. Each ride requires a driver, navigator and escort driver.
Operation Red Nose runs the four weeks before Christmas as well as New Year’s Eve.