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Canada Line reaches its 200-millionth passenger

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Passenger numbers for the Canada Line have consistently exceeded expectations.

Now the five-year-old line has reached a milestone: it has carried its 200-millionth passenger.

“People are using it because it’s a safe, convenient and reliable form of transportation into Vancouver and into the airport. Just as significantly, it has spurred the redevelopment of our entire downtown,” says Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“Right now, we estimate that either in the planning or in the implementation stage about $4-billion worth of development is taking place, and that’s just the start of the process.”

He says if the 10-year Mayors’ Council transportation plan gets approved, platforms will be extended to accommodate more train cars and more passengers.

In the meantime, a new station at Capstan Way in Richmond is in the works. Funding for the new stop is coming from levies on each new housing unit being built in the neighbourhood.