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Cetacean breeding ban not put into effect by the Vancouver Park Board

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Whales and dolphins at the Vancouver Aquarium can continue to breed in captivity.

A controversial ban on breeding will not be put into effect.

In its final meeting, the Vancouver Park Board did not pass a necessary by-law amendment to put the new rules into effect

Outgoing chair Aaron Jasper says it wasn’t appropriate to pass a major by-law just a week before they hand over the reins to the NPA. “However, we did urge our colleagues — the new incoming board — that they should review the information, review the work was done, the work that was commissioned, and give this serious thought.”

The NPA made a campaign promise to overturn any ban put in place.

Jasper believes if the incoming Park Board throws out all the work done to date on the issue, it would be obliged to do a full review of the program from scratch.