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Google to start introducing kid-friendly products next year

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Do you ever worry about what your child could come across on the Internet when you aren’t in the room?

One tech giant is taking steps to make it a little safer for kids to surf the web.

Google will begin production of a “porn-free” search engine next year after realizing you might not want your 10-year-old finding out what’s out there.

There are no specifics yet, but the company will likely offer kid-friendly options for its biggest programs like Google Chrome and YouTube.

It could be seen as a larger kid-friendly push by the tech giant which has wrapped up its Doodle 4 Google competition and Made with Code initiative. That initiative will see the lights of White House Christmas trees illuminated tonight, based on coding programs created by kids.

The new Google products are expected to target kids 12 and under. And they come with a touch of criticism.

While tech companies always seek to expand their user base and ultimately drive up revenue, kids younger than 13 have normally been off limits.

Google has responded by saying everyone is having kids and that of the 40,000 search queries a second — or 1.2 trillion a year — many are from those at a vulnerable age.