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Vancouver sets laneway housing record in 2014

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – More vacancies will be available for people looking to rent in Vancouver come the New Year.

The city set a record for new laneway housing, with 357 permits issued in 2014. This follows 345 and 350 permits issued in 2013 and 2012

“We’ve been working very hard to create more rental housing every year, but also rental housing at all different income levels,” says Vancouver city councillor Kerry Jang.

The new numbers also bring with them options for renters in Vancouver.

“Quite often in the past the cheapest rental housing is usually someone’s basement, but this housing is spread throughout the city and people have a choice of where to live,” says Jang.

Currently the city provides 44 per cent of the rental housing in all of Metro Vancouver, and 26 per cent in all of British Columbia.