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Say goodbye to the AirCare program

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – You won’t have to take your small truck or car though AirCare ever again. After over 20 years in place, the program is done.

The emissions program was introduced by the Ministry of Environment in 1992 in an effort to reduce air pollution, but with newer vehicles designed more efficiently it isn’t as much of a priority as it once was.

Response is split about whether it should still be a requirement.

Several people tell News1130 they think ending the program is a bad idea.

“I think AirCare is essential for particularly older vehicles that are still on the road, “one man explains. “I feel it should be reinstated but I was an avid AirCare supporter,” adds a woman.

“It should really be expanded to be a safety issue program rather than just an emissions program, I think it isn’t a good idea because you still see a lot of cars on the road that wouldn’t pass,” notes another.

Some were pleased, “[It is] good for me, I can insure my jeep without having to buy a permit first.”

“I think it’s great, I think it should totally be gone.”

Another man is frustrated that he recently had to pay for AirCare “It’s not fair, because there are so many other people who aren’t going to pay for it because they are getting rid of it so it’s not fair to the people who have to pay close to the end time of AirCare. We had to pay in the last two months, so that kind of sucks.”

Since the program began, emissions have decreased to 8 per cent and AirCare failure rates have also dropped to less than 8 per cent.

The Ministry of Environment says emissions have decreased from just under 150,000 tonnes to less than 17,000 tonnes in 2014.