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Tips to avoid a New Year's hangover

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VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Want to head out for a bit of celebrating tonight but don’t want to end up with the New Year’s Day hangover? There are a few ways you can at least limit that hangover and potentially pounding headache while still enjoying a few adult beverages.

Scott Young with ExtremeBartending.com has a suggestion:

“The stuff that just has less of the liqueurs. There are all sorts of different great tastes out there, which is wonderful. But sometimes bartenders tend to use too much of it in cocktails. A melon liqueur is great; it helps with the taste. But if you have too much of that, it just seems to add to the hangover.”

He adds you should avoid too many shooters and stick to juice-based drinks rather than those mixed with pop.

“Add a little more water or a little more juice to something you’re having. Try to stay away from some of the really sugary liqueurs. A clean vodka with juices is probably going to do you better than six types of sugary martinis.”

Young says if you plan on partying long into the night, that old adage of having a glass of water after each drink is probably a pretty good idea. “What I always recommend and do myself is a multi-vitamin before bed and lots of water.”

What about having a drink like a Caesar or mimosa the next day to ease the pain — fact or fiction?

“If you want to keep that happy drunk going, that’s one way to do it,” laughs Young. “But it’s not going to help your hangover; it’s just going to get you drunk again.”