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What role will the Internet play in the 2015 federal election?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The start of 2015 means a real big push to campaign, with political parties getting ready for the fall federal election.

While we’ve already seen a lot of social media and email use in previous local and international elections, it’s only going to continue to become more prevalent according to Political Scientist Janni Aragon with UVIC.

Gone are the days of mail, now with special software you’ll see a lot of niche targeting through emails, making you feel like the party leader knows you personally.

“It’s where we are now thanks to social media, nation builder and other email technology that these parties or the candidates are using. This is the new normal.”

Aragon says she’s already recieved several targeted emails from some federal parties in the last week.

“The emails are such that they really feel and read as if the candidate or the party knows you.”

While it’s still early, Aragon recommends you start getting familiar with the candidates now.

She says twitter can help a lot if you look up the hashtag for each party or use #Cdnpoli.