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Women's group angry after man charged with violent crimes reoffends the same victim

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – There is a lot of anger from a local women’s group after learning a man in Langley charged with sex assault and kidnapping was released and accused of the same crimes just one week later.

“It’s routine,” according to Angela Marie MacDougall with Battered Women Support Services who adds this is happening far too often, “you know, women don’t report, again because the system fails to follow through in a way that protects women.”

She questions how anyone could not be outraged over this and wonders how somebody who is accused of such violent crimes could be out walking the streets.

Mcdougall adds there is a lack of concern about women’s safety. “The criminal legal system can hardly be considered a remedy for women who experience male violence, including sexual violence.”

She is concerned the man was able to be released simply on his word not to get in contact with the victim.