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Hollywood North rebounding thanks to a low loonie

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Will more TV and film productions make their way back to Hollywood North? BC film is on pace for a successful year all thanks to the low Canadian loonie according to one industry leaders.

“Certainly, the dollar is in our favor and it’s creating more demand than we certainly have seen when the dollar was close to par. So, it’s a significant and important factor in having people come up to British Columbia. Certainly, we’ve got a lot of other benefits but this really creates a good environment for us,” says Peter Leitch with North Shore Studios and the Motion Picture Production Industry Association.

He says there are about 12 TV shows currently being shot in the lower mainland and believes more “productions will be landed”.
“You’ve got ‘Flash’, ‘Once Upon a Time’, a new series like ‘iZombie’, and ‘Backstrom’, so we’re seeing that there are some shows and we’re hoping they’ll all be successful but you never know.”

“I think we will even see some stronger demand as the new pilot season starts up in the next month or so and series are picked up. We’re optimistic it will be a good year in 2015. We’ll see how it plays out. Again it’s a significant factor but it’s not the only factor but we think they we’re in a pretty good position right now,” adds Leitch.

He says there are major motion pictures coming in 2015. He adds gone are the doom and gloom days when the dollar was at par with the greenback.