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Tips on how and when to ask your boss for a raise

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – We’re nearing the end of January, some New Year’s┬áresolutions may be long gone, but one you may still be thinking about, is asking for a raise at work.

Some advice, don’t waltz into your boss’s office with a list of demands asking for more than you’re worth, says the CEO of workforce solutions company Mindfield. It’s a good idea to do some market research, so when you sit down, you have the value of your job and responsibilities in mind.

Cameron Laker says another thing you want to do, or should start doing, is documenting your successes.

“So when you do sit down, you’re very well prepared and your researched, because it is easy to forget what you accomplished a year ago, nevermind six months ago. I really encourage people to make sure that they spend time thinking about how they’re impacting the business, documenting this.”

Laker reiterates that it is in your best interest to be prepared and it’s wise to keep when to schedule the meeting in mind.

“Looking at booking your salary review or your pay review towards the end of the week can be very advantageous for you because everyone wants to feel like they accomplished something, and what would be better than if your boss feels like their accomplishment was giving you a raise. It’s something to contemplate, around when you would go and do this.”

Another thing that would work in your favour, is to be upfront and direct with the person who signs your cheques.