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How much access should your kids have to digital devices?

RICHMOND (NEWS1130) – If you’re a parent, do you question how much technology your kids should have access to, and wonder how early is too early for them to get their hands on an iPad or video game? A local counsellor is aiming to help you answer those questions.

Benjamin Wong with Richmond Addiction Services Society says he’ll be helping parents to get a sense of what things were like before we had all our electronics at a workshop he’s hosting on parenting in the iparenting age.

He says looking at impacts on health, communication, education, and relationship building will help parents make decisions that are more in line with what they want in their homes.

“The iparenting really is more of a prevention discussion, it’s the things that parents need to perhaps pay attention to when deciding to include an X-Box at home or deciding to buy an iPad for a Christmas gift,” he explains. “Around ten to twelve percent of young people, they display the criteria for addictions using digital gadgets.”

Wong adds he’ll be addressing how young is too young for a child to use technology.

The free workshop is happening at 7:00 p.m. at the Brighouse Library in Richmond, Tuesday evening.