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Tips on how to switch off devices and plug back into your kids

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Most of us are glued to our iPhone and iPad to check e-mail or Facebook. But there are tips to help you turn off the switch and instead plugging back into your family. Although it can be tough to do, Simon Kaebe with Teccrab says it’s important to turn off all those devices like the iPad and step away from the internet.

He realizes most folks are online throughout the day; his advice is to set limits. “Having certain times where we have the e-mail program open and check out what emails are coming in and turn off the e-mail program so that we’re not getting distracted.”

A simple thing to do, to avoid temptation is to hide your cell phone when dining out. “They’re not putting it just on the table to be able to receive phone calls but to check the e-mail. This is hurting the communication with this person they are sitting with in the restaurant.”

Beginning this week his company is hosting a series of talks called “The Off Switch” for people to share their experiences. Every meeting starts by locking away all devices with only old school pens and paper allowed for taking notes.