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If approved, the proposed Metro Congestion Improvement Tax will be added to PST

METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – If the proposed Metro Congestion Improvement Tax is approved by voters, it will simply be added on to PST on our receipts.

The Transportation Minister confirmed that in a letter to the Mayors Council on Transportation this weekend.

“It will create less headache for businesses, less bureaucracy on collecting it, it will make it streamlined, so that the money can actually get in to delivering the transportation and transit services that we need,” says Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore.

This confirmation is a relief for retailers, who had been dreading the possibility of having to change their systems to accommodate a new line item for the tax on receipts.

“The fact that now it’s going to be added to the PST, instead of a separate line item for point-of-sale devices, will just make it that much easier,” says Moore.

The mayors on the Transportation Council say they will not be requesting any further exemptions to the tax.