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US hacking reminds Canadians to have high data safety standards

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Millions of Americans had their personal information stolen this week as hackers breached the system of insurer Anthem Inc., and a local information security analyst says it’s a reminder for Canadians to hold companies and organizations with our data to high standards when it comes to safeguarding our data.

“Anthem failed to have basic encryption,” says Dominic Vogel with Envision Financial. “I think that’s something as Canadians we should make sure that our health care providers are at least doing the basics.”

Vogel points to a hacking incident at Canada Revenue last year, where an estimated 900 people had their information accessed, to show this sort of thing can happen here as well.

“Whoever has our information, they have to do a good job protecting that information,” says Vogel. “They have to do it in a way that is not putting our future in jeopardy.”

Anthem has over 40 million clients in the US, and early estimates indicate tens of millions could have had information, including social security numbers, stolen by hackers.