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Telus will soon start charging customers who go over monthly data limit

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A heads up if you’re a Telus customer — starting next month the company will begin charging people extra if they go over their monthly data cap.

As of March 30th, the company will begin charging people and that means the first 50 gigabytes you go over will cost you $5, 100 gigabytes is $10 and so on.

David Christopher with Open Media thinks this is just a cash grab.

“Pretty much everything you do online, of course, by definition it does use up data. So, this is going to affect an awful lot of people. I think Telus is going to have some unhappy customers.”

Using the Internet for simple every day tasks could push you towards your cap that includes things like downloading or uploading big files, using Skype, gaming, opening big attachments and streaming movies.

“The sad thing is Canada is one of very few industrialized nations that still impose these kinds of data caps. For example, in most European countries you simply don’t have to worry about how much data you consume over your Internet connection, whereas here in Canada, it looks like up to 300,000 people could be hit with these steep, new overage charges,” Christopher adds.

Telus says it will let customers know via email when they’re approaching their limit and suggest upgrading their Internet plan if they want a higher cap.