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A "no" result in transportation tax vote will be a huge economic set back for Metro Vancouver: expert

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Failure of Metro Vancouver’s transportation tax vote would be a massive economic set back, according to an expert in transit systems around the world.

Transit Planning Consultant Jarrett Walker doesn’t feel it’s a question of TransLink’s money management, but that there actually is a need for more cash.

Walker adds we have one of the best transit systems in North America.

He says while some may think we give TransLink enough, Walker says most existing tax sources grow as fast as population.

“As the metro area grows denser its need for public transit grows even faster than population. That is the math that is driving this referendum.”

He says if the referendum fails, it’ll make it too difficult for people to get around. “That’s ultimately going to make it too difficult for the economy to continue to prosper.”