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Many of us struggle with making financial decisions: poll

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Have you ever struggled with making a decision, when it comes to your finances? According to a new poll, more than half of Canadians have.

Numbers from CIBC show three-quarters of Canadians say they are confident when it comes to their overall level of financial knowledge, but two-thirds still feel they could benefit from more advice.

Jamie Golombek with CIBC half of us think financial decisions are more complicated now than they were 20 years ago.

“I think there’s so many more choices, there’s so many different products out there, and there’s so many different investment solutions from the RRSP to the tax-free savings account… there’s just so many options out there. Things have apparently gotten more complex.”

“Ideally, I would like to have people sit down with a financial advisor to talk about their own personal situation. That being said, there are great online resources available,” he adds.

Just over a third of us plan on sitting down with a financial advisor this year.